forgotten storyline

Today I sat down and wrote out every creative soul project that I want to tackle.
The kind that give me an excited chest-static-buzz.

⁣⁣As I was writing the list, more and more ideas re-awoke and filled the page. ⁣⁣

The joy surprised me. ⁣⁣

Each line a small, loving ode to my creative spirit. Filled with grace and patience, welcoming me back. ⁣⁣I went back through my 100 Day Project (aka #100DaysofThrush) working drafts and ideas and found the note below in my phone:⁣⁣

Weeks before experiencing hollowing grief firsthand, I explored the idea of helping children or others through grief and loss in the story I’m building.

⁣⁣My first reaction to the realization was shock; a pang. I didn’t remember writing that part of the note. ⁣⁣

Then a bittersweet (more bitter tbh), slow breath. ⁣⁣The complexities of stretching and growing through grief is humbling and exhausting and yet – ⁣⁣there is still space to feel sparks of inspiration. ⁣⁣Seeing both parts of myself – the aching and the inspired – has made me closer to me.

Unlocked more gentleness. ⁣⁣

Every time I share a little bit more is a win. A hard and vulnerable and resilient-feeling win.

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