I’ll be a goddamn muse

I’ll be a goddamn muse
blood pounding 
in your fingertips 
electric hum in your chest
tension on your tongue 

pouring words from you 
at 4am in shaking ink 
like measured sips from 

building a hunger 
you don’t recognize 
feelings deep 
in the soft spots 
of your bones

you can’t escape 
I’ll pull your eyes from the road
your hair in my fingers 
sparking heat all over 
every inch 

of your pulsing body 
you’ll taste more than 
on my lips 

warm sunlight and 
whispered nights 
smelling a certain cinnamon 

that never seems out of season
you’ll trace me in words 
on your pages 
in the absent back of your mind 

you’ll crave 
and ache 
and reach 
and finally understand 
what it means 

to behold 

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