Hazy: Poems on Love, Grief, and Healing

Hazy is a book of poetry

divided into five sections that explore love, suicide, grief, and healing. This collection takes readers on a journey through the depths of mental health, addiction, and understanding grief.


Melissa K., WordsandBlog

Whether you have experienced deep loss closely or not, this book will resonate. Em writes beautifully and brings you along on her journey. The words sink into you and you’ll want to read it again and again.

Bethany S.

It’s all the emotions, all the big feelings, all the shivers and nostalgia.

Valerie A.

It’s intricate and emotional and bold and powerful and soft and touching all at the same time. Other people will only benefit from this. All of the feelings that aren’t buttoned up, but are happening. That’s such a gift to anyone who reads it! 

Grace H.

Hazy is a powerful story unfolding between visceral writings, taking the reader deep into the levels of love and grief; yet Em’s words flow so authentically that Hazy heals the reader while the author herself is healing. I left Hazy with hope, wonder, a newfound sense of bravery. 

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